Taylor Swift, touchdowns, and the world’s most watched adverts…

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What Are The Top Marketing Trends For 2024?

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Marketing trends come and go – what was once gospel is now old hat, and what is now essential was once a mere pipedream. At their core, though, marketing principles will always remain the same. The main issue is, and will always be, getting your message, product, and service in front of the right people […]

How To Generate Leads For My Business

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Generating leads is a crucial component for any business. After all, you could nail the product or service, the pitch, and pretty much anything… but at some point, you need to be able to sell. And to do that, you need people to sell to. But we don’t need to tell you that! Generating leads […]

It’s not Christmas till I’ve had an orange


The thing that signifies Christmas is here? For me, it’s an orange. I’m not talking Terry’s,  but an orange with a candle in it, sweets and raisins stuck on with toothpicks. Sound familiar?  It’s a Christmas tradition that dates back hundreds of years in the Moravian Church… and I went to a Moravian school. Once […]

Mastering Marketing Implementation: Bringing Your Strategy To Life

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Your marketing strategy can be finetuned tighter than Max Verstappen’s Red Bull F1 car but if nothing ever reaches completion, it’s all for naught. The reality of running a business is that there’s one thing you never have enough of: time. And the first thing that tends to go by the wayside when you’re time-poor […]

Is Video Essential To Market My Business?

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At the risk of making this an incredibly short read – yes, video IS essential to market your business. Once upon a time, video was an additional extra that held a lot of value. But today, video is a non-negotiable for any business. If you can ignore the irony of advocating for video in the […]

P-p-pick up a pumpkin today

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I’ve always loved Halloween. My favourite movie is Scream – not just my favourite scary movie, my all-time favourite. Conveniently, my 8-month-old Bailey was the perfect excuse to head off to a farm for a spot of pumpkin picking with the family. Why did we bother? Well, it won’t surprise you to know that it […]

Is Barbie a marketing genius?

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I went to see Barbie the other day. Now, going to the cinema is a military operation for me and my wife these days because we’ve got a 6-month-old. It meant packing the car up, taking him over to my mother in law’s and then heading off to the cinema for a rare afternoon of […]