It’s not Christmas till I’ve had an orange


The thing that signifies Christmas is here?

For me, it’s an orange.

I’m not talking Terry’s,  but an orange with a candle in it, sweets and raisins stuck on with toothpicks.

Sound familiar? 

It’s a Christmas tradition that dates back hundreds of years in the Moravian Church… and I went to a Moravian school.

Once we got to 6th form, we were in charge of making the Christingles, lighting them on a big tray and then handing them out to the congregation at the big Christingle service.

Quite the responsibility.

Christmas traditions are different for everyone, whether it’s oranges or copious amounts of mince pies.

But one thing Christmas always signifies is the end of the year and with that, looking ahead to what’s in store for 2024.

And it’s a good time to take stock and look back at this year…

What’s worked? What’s not worked? What do you want to do more of? And where do you want to be this time next year?

If it’s been a good year, it might simply be more of the same on the menu, while if there’s things you’d change or do more of, it might be time to commit that to a plan.

In the meantime, here’s to Christingles and all things Christmas.


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