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We create lots of content to help your business grow.

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We create lots of content to help your business grow.

Get it direct to your inbox by filling in the form below now.
The 3XM Marketing Method:

Strategy + Implementation

Our team have decades of experience in marketing, helping our clients to generate leads, get customers and make money.

Over the years, we’ve helped businesses in all sorts of sectors, devised and implemented hundreds of marketing strategies and campaigns, and generated millions of pounds worth of sales.

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So how are we different?

We’re strategists AND implementors.

We don’t just “do” stuff – we work with you to:
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Understand what you want to achieve

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Map out a strategy to make it happen

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Do the work required to put the plan into action

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Want to chat about getting more customers?

If you’re looking for an experienced marketing partner that’ll help you generate more leads, get more customers and build a better, stronger business, we can help, and the first step is a conversation where we can get to know each other better, no strings attached.

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During your Business Growth Call, we’ll:

  • Take a look at the marketing you’re doing, and give you our two cents on how to improve it
  • Tell you what we’d be doing if we were in your shoes
  • Give you actionable tactics and strategies we’re using right now to get leads and customers for our clients
  •  Make sure you walk away with something you can take away and use straight away


Click the button below to book a slot, and we’ll see you on the call:


Calum’s brilliant, he’s flexible, he’s a good sounding board, so he’s a good guy to talk to.

I might be telling him a story, and then he says, “Hang on a minute, I think we’ve got something for one of your weekly emails” – it’s relevant and it’s interesting! 

If I was to sum Calum up, I’d say he’s really easy to work with.

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Paul Field

WFP Fire & Electrical

Seb does a lot of copywriting for us, really helps improve our marketing copy so that it hits the spot and it really helps drive our business forward. And Thom helps us a lot on the on the support around our systems and in particular around the use of Keap

3XM are a great bunch of people. They’re very trustworthy and they’ll really add value and help your business.

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Michael Barrett


We’ve seen some really high visitor numbers over our seasonal events and 3XM have really helped us increase footfall and get secondary spend up on site.

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Rees Keene

Over Farm


The team at 3XM are not only an excellent team of marketers who really know their stuff, but they take the time to understand your business to give personalised ideas. I say this for experience, having worked with them for over 7 years, seeing our business more than triple in size over that time.

Paul Bleck
Paul Bleck


James Cole

Panache Cruises

I’ve been working with Thom and Seb since I founded Panache Cruises in March 2020 and they have been instrumental in the growth of our business.

Three years on we’ve grown to over 50 colleagues, thousands of happy customers and a database of over 100,000 cruisers across the UK and the USA.

The great thing about working with the guys at 3XM is that they are both strategic and hands on.

I’ve been working with Thom and Seb for the past four years.  When I started with them four years ago, we were turning over around the £500,00 to £600,000 mark, this year we’ll be hitting £5 million.

Elliott Myatt
Elliott Myatt

The Play Company

I’ve been working with the guys at 3XM Marketing since 2016 and it’s revolutionised my business. Back in 2016, I was doing a turnover of around £50 to 60,000 a year.

I’m now over 600,000 revenue and 30% profit. And that is all because of the marketing advice from Thom and Seb over the last seven years.

Carolyne Wahlen
Carolyne Wahlen

Golf HR

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