No Bogland in Ipswich?

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We’re not Tolkein junkies in our house, but we do live just around the corner from a special place that apparently inspired scenes for the Lord of the Rings series.

No, it’s not Mordor, it’s Moseley Bog. Or “Bogland” as our kids know it best.

Bogland provided us a real haven of happiness during the Covid lockdowns, packed with nooks and crannies to explore and brooks to build dams in, with a beautiful board walk to take you through the dense network of trees too.

So when we visited my parents in their village near Ipswich for some half term entertainment this week, the kids predictably requested a Boglandesque adventure.

“No woodland board walks around here I’m afraid” was the devastating response from my good father.

While the local surrounds offer plenty of great alternative walks, the disappointed looks on my boys’ faces led me to do something revolutionary.

I googled “board walks near Ipswich”.

Lo and behold, thirty minutes later we had our wellies on and were setting out on the timber trail of Brookhill Woods (yes, that is a recommendation!).

Thankfully our walking woe had a happy ending, but that’s often not the case when it comes to marketing a small business.  

You can put all the information you think your customers might need online, but if they’re not googling you, they might well assume you’re just not there.

So rather than relying on online footfall, what are you doing to proactively seek out your customers and put your message in front of them?

If you need any help working out who your best prospects are, where they’re hanging out and what you can do to tell them about your business, get in touch.  


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