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When it comes to favourite shows in the Greenwood household, the Masked Singer’s been top of the tree for a while.

But this year, that’s all changed, with the return of Gladiators.

Like many of us, the original, presented by John Fashanu and Ulrika Johnsson, was a fixture of my childhood.

Football training in the morning, a trip to pick up a Match magazine, some football stickers and a can of Fanta in the afternoon before hotfooting it home in time for the start of Gladiators; that’s what dreamy Saturdays were made of.

And now it’s back, and unlike numerous other reboots, it’s actually very, very good.

The format is unaltered, the contestants seem lovely, and the Gladiators are the perfect pastiche villains.

Even Mark Clattenburg emerges with credit.

For us, it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane, and for Jim, Bill and Effy, it’s the highlight of the week – they sit, rapt with attention throughout the entire show, before charging around the living room as they assume the identities of their favourite gladiators.

We’re far from alone – I’ve spoken to several people in the same stage of life as us, and without fail, they’re all tuning in on an early Saturday evening to watch the Walsh double act steer us through some gladiatorial combat.

Two takeaways:

1. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and if you can find a way to harness it in your business, you’ll find it easier to get and keep attention.

2. Timing is important – the Gladiators reboot has been timed perfectly to capture my generation, who’ve recently had their wings clipped and are almost certainly home on a Saturday evening.

And with children who can share in the joy, and keep the fire burning for the next generation, they’re using the previous market to tap into a new one.

In some ways, it’s the silliest show on TV, but the way they’ve done it is super smart – well worth studying if you want to get and keep attention.

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