I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but protein is EVERYWHERE at the moment. The get fit revolution has been quietly building for a long time now, but with the rise of short form social media, it seems to have absolutely exploded in the last couple of years. You can hardly blink without seeing content from an online influencer telling you what workouts to do, how many gallons of water to drink, and – critically – how much protein you should be consuming. Hint, it’s a lot. The supermarkets have cottoned onto it now, which is why as you stroll through the aisles, you’ll see the word “PROTEIN” screaming at you from practically every single shelf. But here’s the thing, many of the products blaring their protein content on the front of their packets are exactly the same as they were before the protein revolution, just packaged differently. Take this protein granola for example – 22g of protein in one serving. A quick look at the ingredients? It’s just yoghurt and flavouring, with a little bit of cream cheese. Nothing special about it whatsoever. Or these chicken breast bites, offering 23g of protein in one pack. Unsurprisingly, these chicken breast bites contain chicken, which has always been high in protein. Just to be clear, this isn’t criticism – what the supermarkets are doing is super smart. Recognising what’s increasingly becoming important to their customers, they’ve repackaged existing products to highlight the specific benefit their customers are looking for, helping the products to stand out on the shelves and earn them more revenue and profit as a result. It’s super smart, and easily swipeable – what’s the most powerful benefit your product delivers to your ideal customer, and how good a job are you doing at making sure your customer is well aware that they can get that benefit from you? If your most powerful benefit is hidden, like the protein content used to be on these products, chances are you’re not selling as much as you could and should be. #marketing #sales #smallbusiness #benefits #headline #protein #influencer #fitnessinfluencer

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